Success Stories

Completed Treatments

“I have completed my 6 treatments, and just like that I am fully functional and able to enjoy myself again. I can’t say enough about this treatment…no more medications!”  C.D.

It works!

 “After surgeries, diabetes, and pain meds – EnergyWave Therapy has restored my ability to maintain an erection good enough to have meaningful sex with my wife."   E.B.


 “My wife and I have re-discovered an intimate life due to this treatment.”  J.T.

5 Star!

“Definitely helped achieve and maintain!”  N.A.

Thank You

  “A Great Improvement in duration and enjoyment. Thank you!”  M.E.

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  “Stronger & Longer…Truly enjoying the successful treatments.”  D.S.

No Meds!

  “Stays Longer with NO MEDS!”  W.B.


  “I am now about prepared to have intercourse again !!”  S.W.F.

2 Years

 "After my treatments, I was able to have sex with my wife for the first time in TWO years!"  C.H. 


  “I was unable to perform sexually even after taking 150mg of Viagra. I have received my 6 EnergyWave treatments for my ED problem and I am very satisfied with my current results. I have been able to achieve and maintain an erection (something I was unable to a month ago) and I am able to perform sexually.   L.S. 

The device utilized for EnergyWave treatments has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of heel pain and has not been approved by the FDA to treat erectile dysfunction.  This is an off-label treatment applied under a physicians supervision.